Modelmax - About Us


We are an innovative, fun and useful page designed to advance the modeling industry.  With Modelmax, you can find employment, connect with industry professionals, see what the newest trends are and earn money while doing so.  This is not a porn page, nor a dating site.  Max Models earn an income from being active here, and advocates can vote for their favorite MaxModel with USA dollars, or their equivalent in other currencies  That's it!  Your success is completely up to you.  At the end of each year, the world's most beautiful woman and most popular model will be selected at the stroke of midnight.  Could that be you?

Building a global community

Our vision is to create an online environment where social media influencers, fashion, print and event models, pageant aspirants, professional dancers or singers or just those who simply dream can come together to celebrate the height of feminine beauty.  We are a global competition committed to providing unmatched virtual beauty experiences. We are a force for goodness and inspiration.  Reimagining how a modeling page could be; we have broken down barriers to all that are qualified to compete. We do not question a person’s height, background, or parental status, and have created a democratic virtual modeling page that will draw only the world’s best.  

Being available for viewing throughout the world, in real time, assures modeling agencies, talent agencies and media companies of finding the most fabulous women alive today, anywhere in this world.  Fabulous.

Our philosophy

Our page represents an affirmation that humanity is a noble and beautiful species. We are not just the sum of our parts, made of bone and sinew, muscle and fat, but are an inspired creation wrought by our Creator from stardust and dreams, and can rise above the limitations of our weak flesh to great heights of beauty, wisdom and knowledge. This page seeks to capture the essence of that ideal, and collect all examples into one location for everyone in the world to enjoy.  One fortunate woman will be named as the Maximum Model for the entire year.  The world seems brighter now.  We now have a place set-aside for all that is best.


How to apply

Prospective models must first apply for membership. Applicants upload photos that are compared to their personal ID card and social media pages for identity verification. Uploaded imagery is viewed by our pageant staff to determine if they are a good fit, and we do not check an applicant's background.  Applicants that pass our standards and can prove their identity will become approved Max Models.  If you are approved - congratulations!  You have now a member of an exclusive modeling page that can be a source of joy, pride and income.  If not approved, please do not be too disappointed.  Our standards are high. 

Earning an Income

Rising to higher levels provides increased earnings in both percentage and amount, and you can increase your chances of being voted higher by sharing your profile on social media, by competing in the Questions and the Challenges, and live-streaming your talents, skills and lifestyle.  Followers that vote more than 20 for you are subscribed to your profile in order to be notified when you are active in live streaming.   Anyone can see when you are live streaming - access is granted by just 20 votes.

So join in - the world is huge and we will only grow larger with each passing day.  See you soon, on the inside.