Frequently Asked Questions

1Does Model Max allow full nudity.? Yes...with quality artfulness.

We promote beauty and elegance, and think you can be successful with content that can be shared across social media without pornographic nudity.

Staying within the limitations of other social media platforms means Modelmax links can be shared within social media openly and your list of followers can expand faster.

That aside, we believe the female form is an awesome expression of beauty and think nudes done artistically are fine.  Our Admins are left with the sometimes difficult task of deciding what is artistic and what is not.  We hope you will conform to that standard and upload implied or full nudity that could be shared and everyone would agree that this is truly art.

The first step to making money on Modelmax is to build a small but loyal fanbase. This requires consistent and engaging posts that resonates with your audience. Start by identifying your niche and creating content that reflects your expertise, then use all the tools that Modelmax offers.  The Journal is like a newsletter that is allows for a lot of creativity and a new one can be posted every day.   The Livestream can be opened to share your lifestyle and talents directly.  The Forum is a fun and engaging platform that always asks engaging questions that your fans will like to read and reply to you.   What makes you unique?  For example, if you’re a fitness trainer, you could share workout routines, nutrition tips, and motivational messages. As a musician, you could offer behind-the-scenes access to your creative process, exclusive performances, and merchandise.  Dancers could share their latest performances, or show a behind the scenes training session.  The list is endless.

Once you have created your Modelmax  account and started making posts, it’s time to promote your account to attract more followers. Use your existing social media channels, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, to promote your account and encourage more to follow you. 

The key to making money is to offer exclusive content that your followers can’t find anywhere else. This could include behind-the-scenes access to your creative process, personalized messages, exclusive photos and videos, and more.  

2For an Advocate, how does voting work? How is it different than a Guest?

Advocates are trusted to uphold our high standards of conduct.

Only Advocates can interact with Models in the Forum, in voting, following, awarding 'likes' or in the Livestreams.  Only Advocates can add comments in the Gallery.  Only Master-Level Advocates can enter the ModelMax Club Chat.  

Guests can only observe.  

For voting, Advocates can go to your Dashboard where you will find a button "Acquire Votes".  That opens to a payment portal that can be used to add votes to your account in $100 increments.  We use credit or debit cards from most providers.  Once you have votes added to your account, your profile photo shows an MPT logo, which tells Models that you are someone that can influence their votes.  

You can then dispense votes by using the pink "Vote" button to boost your favorite Max Model. Her popularity rises and she can be promoted to higher levels.

At the end of every calendar year, at precisely midhight on New Years Eve, a new Maximum Model will be named as winner for the entire year.  She will be named as the most popular Max Model.

3What is the prize for winning the top Max Model position for the year?

Great question!


At exactly midnight on New Years Eve, the Max Model that has the highest total votes is declared the top Max Model for that year.  It is a great honor, since she has been declared by popular vote to be the most popular model anywhere on the internet.


She has won the income from votes that she received on her way to the top spot.  We will also hire a noted professional photographer to schedule a photshoot that commemorates her win.  Her certificate will display proof that she has won the top spot for that year, and will be on display in our Hall of Fame, forever.


4What can be done in live stream to earn votes and get paid more money?

This is a fantastic question!

1.    Play Music

If you can sing or play any instrument, you have an automatic attraction on livestream.  Your followers will always appreciate a live broadcast, and the comments afterwards will lead to votes.

2.    Talk About Current Events

Another excellent method for learning how to earn votes on Miss Pageant Thief is to turn your livestream into a podcast. You can bring on your friends to have a live conversation on current events, take questions from your audience and call them out by name.  You may earn a lot of followers by taking current events and commenting on them. People are constantly interested in hearing other people's perspectives on current subjects of interest, so this is a wonderful method to gain followers.

3.    Stream Your Life

If you have an interesting life, people of course will like to follow along with you.  Vlogs are the modern-day equivalent of reality programs, as they let viewers witness what is going on in other people's lives as it happens.  Take your followers along on a trip to the mall shopping, on a trip to the beach, walking in the park with friends, or let them be a guest at a restaurant with friends.  If you have a hobby, let them see it.  Surfing?  Marksmanship at the range?  Archery.  Dance practice at the studio.  Dog training.  The possibilities are endless.

4.    Give Video Game Advice or Stream When You Are Playing Video Games

Many people nowadays are having problems playing a game or don’t know how to pass a barrier in it, so it’s a good idea to have someone help people with that.  For streaming as well when you are playing, the gaming world is going up and up every day, so people like to watch streamers playing games that will be enjoyable.

5.    Teach People Something Useful You Know

Teaching someone what you know is one of the most successful methods. Video lessons are incredibly popular across all online platforms, but particularly on live-streaming services like MPT.  If you have a unique skill that is in high demand, this is an excellent method to earn votes.

6.    Promote Your Products

Another excellent technique to discover how to make money on MPT is to market your items on your broadcast.  Many nowadays are creative, and they have created items such as T-shirts, caps, mugs, e-books, and manuals, to mention a few.

7.    Livestream a Trip

Since many locations around the world have fast cell phone signals, you can narrate your bicycle, hiking, motorcycle, car, plane or boat trip.  Things go better with friends!

In sum:

When you understand how to earn votes, you'll realize that you can have a lot of fun live streaming on the platform, rising in rank and making money along the way. You don’t need to actually WIN the top position, just having followers who believe in you is the right path.

5How are scams and fraud detected and dealt with?

A really important question:

1. All Contestants are verified using an artificial intelligence identification verification system.

2. All communications in this page are public, meaning no private messaging can occur.

3. Our page admins are always on the job, 24 hours of every day.
4. We are hardened against malicious code such as cross site scripting, remote / local file inclusion, SQL injection & other software vulnerabilities.

6How can I get access into "Modelmax Chat Club"?

All Contestants have automatic access to ModelMaxChat Club.

Advocates who have attained Influencer can send an email to Admin and ask for access into the chat page.

Advocates that hold key positions in the modelling, fashion, photography, magazine or movie industry can also send an email to Admin for access into the chat page.  These industry professionals can then post casting calls, auditions or employment opportunities.  

Some Advocates may own a brand, and would like to hire brand spokespersons for paid social media influencer work.  They can also send an email to Admin to request access into the chat page.

The ModelMax Chat Club is a useful and well-regulated service offered by Miss Pageant Thief LLC, and gaining entrance is right reserved only for an elite few.

7What is the meaning of the badges that are next to a Advocates photo?

When in the Forum's Challenges and Questions, our MaxModels would like to know if a Advocate has established long-standing credibility with the page.  She can do that by examining that Advocates rank badge.

An Advocate who has recently registered is automatically given the Advocate badge, and he starts with zero 'likes'.  As more likes are earned, the Advocate is promoted:

Fan:  Zero to 99 likes


Professional:  100 to 199 likes

Influencer: 200 and above

One perk to gaining Influencer rank is that they can ask Admin for admission into the "ModelMax Chat Club" entrance seen in the Portals.  In Chat, all MaxModels are automatically granted entrance, where they can make friends with their peers worldwide.  In addition to Influencers, some Advocates can apply for admission to Admin if they are a modelling agency, a commercial photographer, magazine writer, talent scout or brand owner.  These Advocates can then post chat topics for auditions, casting calls, brand spokesperson ads etc.  The ModelMax Chat Club is a very valuable resource.

You may notice many Advocates will also have the ModelMax logo attached to their display photo.  Those are added once an Advocate has purchased votes and has proven to influence a Model's success.

8My country is not listed in your application form. Why is that?

The same as many businesses worldwide, we must ensure the security and welfare of all Models. 

Some countries pose a problem regarding women's status and rights, and joining this page would conflict with religious or cultural norms. 

Some countries are fragile or are failed states with no working government. 

Also, we will not operate in countries that are known for internet scams, frauds or hacker attempts. 

Some countries are listed as sanctioned.

Finally, some countries are not serviced by our banking system, so we are unable to accept Models or Fans from those nations.

If we determine that we can open operations in new countries, we will certainly do so.  

9I am a Russian, living in Russia. Why can't I join?

We are sorry to disappoint you, because you had nothing to do with Putin's tragically brutal invasion of Ukraine.  But we are a socially responsible firm, and even if no sanctions had been placed on Russia, we could not include Russia until Russia has rejoined the company of peaceful nations and withdraw in ts forces from Ukraine.  When that happens, we will welcome Russian members to this page, glad that the travesty in Ukraine was finally brought to a settlement that ensures Ukraine's freedom and soveriegnty.   For more reading on our decision, you can see this article from Harvard Business Review:

All that aside, if you are a Russian citizen residing outside of Russia, and you also bank outside of Russia, then you will be allowed to join.


10What about taxes? Who pays for that?

If you are in the USA, the IRS views money sent from this page as taxable income.  Under US tax rules, U.S. taxpayers are required to report gross income from whatever source derived. So, if you are an individual that has earned money here, and you are given prizes or awards, then that is taxable gross income.

Most individuals that have these accounts are simply treated as sole proprietors for US federal tax purposes, so their gross earnings are reported on Schedule C of their Form 1040, and they are permitted to deduct all ordinary and necessary expenses incurred as part of their business. 

How much money do you have to make to file taxes?

In the US, you are required to file if you have more than $400 of self-employment income in a year. You will not owe income tax until you make more than $12,400, but you will owe payroll taxes like Social Security and Medicare and must still file an income tax statement each year.

You can deduct any expenses you needed in order to run your business, such as an outfit that you only purchased for the purpose of this pageant.  For example, if you made $400, but spent $100, you would only have a net profit of $300 and not be required to pay tax yet. You cannot deduct things like your phone bill that you use for both business and personal use.

At the end of each calendar year, you can find your latest IRS Form 1099 NEC in your settings menu at the top right of your profile page.  Download it and use the information to file your own taxes with the USA IRS.

If you are a Fan in the UK or the EU, you will see an additional line item when making your purchases.

We list the amount of VAT added to applicable payments in your Account. The following table provides the VAT rate that each country requires (this list is not exhaustive and is correct at as of 1 January 2022)


Country                                               Value-Added Tax Rate

Austria                                                 20%

Belgium                                                21%

Bulgaria                                                20%

Croatia                                                  25%

Cyprus                                                  19%

Czech Republic                                    21%

Denmark                                               25%

Estonia                                                  20%

Finland                                                  24%

France                                                   20%

Germany                                               19%

Greece                                                  24%

Hungary                                                 27%

Ireland                                                   23%

Italy                                                       22%

Latvia                                                    21%

Lithuania                                               21%

Luxembourg                                         17%

Malta                                                    18%

Netherlands                                          21%

Poland                                                  23%

Portugal                                                23%

Romania                                               19%

Slovakia                                                20%

Slovenia                                                22%

Spain                                                     21%

Sweden                                                 25%

United Kingdom of Great Britain           20%

and Northern Ireland                            20%


At the present time in 2022, we will simply round-down the taxes and charge a flat 20% for every transaction.  The majority of VAT taxes are at or above 20%, so the vast majority of transactions will be to the advantage of the purchaser, not to Miss Pageant Thief LLC.  We do this to relieve confusion, to reduce clerical workload, and as a service to our customers.

The money that we  collect as a result of these laws will be paid directly to local governments.

What is Value Added Tax (EU/UK VAT)

Value Added Tax is a consumption tax added to the value of goods or services purchased in the European Union and United Kingdom. The specific rate of tax varies by country. As the name suggests, the tax is added to the price of the product or service at the time of purchase and paid directly to the relevant tax authority.

11I'm new here. How can I grow my followers fast?

First, if you are just starting iand you already have a sizeable audience on Instagram or social media platforms, it is easy to make money.

Second, maybe four out of ten applicants who applied to this page were not accepted.  This means you are already one of the most attractive women in existence today, so don't worry about this.  Followers will arrive, but there is a lot you can do to speed things along.

Creativity is a driving force behind most successful ventures, and it’s especially important here.  There are moments where even the most savvy and creative among us get stuck for inspiration.


Here are some fun ideas to grow your followers quickly:

Stay socially active.  The importance of communication cannot be overstated. Maintaining your engagement with Advocates in the forum will keep your profile jumping.  You have a Journal to showcase your best, so make posts a couple times daily.   Your Gallery should always be updated and improved.  Answer new Questions and Challenges and make them fun, intriguing and witty.

You probably have friends and family on other social media accounts, so paste or share links to upcoming livestreams or new videos and imagery, and do it several times a day.

If all the ideas for Livestream or Journal video seem exhausted, you may want to change things up. For example, personal training and workout plans are two major concepts for fitness enthusiasts.  Other subjects are painting, cooking classes, marksmanship, archery, volleyball, golf, dog training, kayaking, makeup, gardening, your wardrobe collection reveal, restaurant and hotel reviews, river rafting, pottery, an actress’ monologue, motorcycle trips, scuba or skin diving, fishing, chess with friends, camping or hiking, a tour of a local tourist attraction, bikini shopping, glamour posing techniques, relationship advice, photography tips, your talent in singing or dance, catwalk or pageant walk techniques, swimming at the pool or beach, competitive swimming or diving, ballet practice, martial arts classes, bicycling trails with friends…even changing the oil or a flat tire on your car can be immensely entertaining for most of the Judges, if done with humor, some lighting and the right wardrobe pick.

Hire a professional photographer, use studio-quality imagery, pay attention to composition, lighting, wardrobe and location and your followers will appreciate the effort and you will grow your followers.



12I am afraid that if I don't do nudes, that I won't get many subscribers. So can I do nudes?

The short answer is no, you can't do nudes here.  Implied nude is fine, so long as it is done artistically.

The long answer is that there are already sites that promote nudity, so you might as well go where nudity is no problem.

We are devoted to highlighting the most beautiful, most elegantly awesome women on planet Earth today.  That includes the beauty of mind and spirit, which is why we have a forum with Questions and Challenges to showcase a persons intellect, humor and wit.  Livestream to share your hobbies and lifestyle.  You have a "Look Book" gallery for 1000 photos..  Why one thousand?  So that new you reach 1000 photos, you will then replace old photos in a never-ending quest for excellence.  We supply an exclusive ModelMac Chat Club so that models, select Advocates, modeling agencies, talent scouts, verified pro photographers and magazine editors can make friends and hire for jobs all across the globe. 

We believe women are inspired beings worthy of our appreciation, and invite you to be a part of that.

Also, "the internet never forgets".  How will you feel 50 years in the future when your grandchildren come across Granny's "exclusive content"?  Will future (or present) employers look favorably on an applicant's nude imagery being found online?  A future fiance will not appreciate friends showing him your PPV 'content'.  The internet is now saturated with nudity of every conceivable variety.  It is free and plentiful and so has to be censored or blocked to prevent it from being seen by children.  The competition has already been there, done that, so why add it here?

13I am a transexual that wants to join your pageant. Will I be admitted?

Assuming both your identity check is successful and your imagery meets our extremely high standards, you might be admitted.  Keep in mind your government-issued photo ID must affirm that you are indeed female.  With that identification document, our admins would not be aware that you had transitioned anyway.  If an applicant is admitted who later is discovered to be male, their membership will be canceled.  Models who publicly state they have transitioned will have a rainbow flag icon added to their profile page so that all page members will know who they are viewing with no confusion.  

14I was convicted of a crime. Will that stop me from being admitted?

We believe in you.  You can do this. 

Unfortunate mistakes made in your past will not prevent you from growing as a person now.

Besides, we conduct identity-verification, not background investigations. 

What we are about is trying to find the most awesome women in the world.   

That could be you.

15I have tattoos, and a scar. Can I be admitted?

Answer - yes, of course.


16I would like to hire one of the models for a paid role representing our brand. How do I contact her directly?

Short answer is to register as a Advocate, then email us with proof of your industry credentials, then we will admit you into the ModelMax Chat Club, where you can post job advertisements directly and speak with applicants.

Talent agencies, modeling agencies, pageant providers, magazine editors, movie producers, brand employers and professional photographers etc. can join chat by emailing us at or by using the "Contact Us" page.

Once we verify your credentials, you will be admitted where you will be able to post your employment advertisements directly for all models to see.

17What are the different levels used for in this page? Elegant, Exquisite, Divine and Ethereal?

We assign four levels as a MaxModel rises in her ranking, depending on her number of total votes.

The higher levels receive a progressively higher share of their votes paid in USA dollars, where one vote is one dollar.

This is why it is so important to share your profile with all your followers across social media.  To only use quality photos and videos.  To share superlative imagery via your live streams.  To be active in your Challenges and Questions.  The more votes you receive, the higher you rise.  The higher you rise, the greater the share you receive.  You CAN do this, and do it well.

Ethereal is above all other models, and she receives 95% of her votes in USA dollars. 

Divine is in the 90% level and she receives 90%.  

Exquisite is in the 75% level and she receives 75%.  

Elegant is in the 50% level and she receives half of her votes in USA dollars. 

The take-away here is this:  As soon as you rise above the 'Elegant' level, you are paid MORE than all other similar pages.  On Exquisite, Divine and Ethereal levels, the modeling page only receives 25%, 10% and 5%.   It's up to your efforts to rise and keep rising.  

Edit - ModelMax originally planned on providing 100% of all winnings for those above the Ethereal level, but must instead use 95% payout, since we would be paying huge amounts in bank transfer fees, currency conversions, mass payout service fees and taxes with no income to offset those expenses.


18Who pays for currency conversion and bank transfer fees from what I earn?

Another great question.  This page pays for bank transfer and currency conversion fees for everyone.

19How to add text beside photos in my journal?

The Journal is not hard to use once you experiment with it a while.

To place text beside photos, and not just above or below photos, do this:

  1. First, upload your image.
  2. Use the controls to keep the image at or less than 500 pixels in width.
  3. Write your text just below the image.
  4. Center-justify your text.
  5. Right-justify your image.
  6. Press "Submit"

20Someone was rude to me in the Forum. What can I do?

We are sorry that someone was rude to you.  This page is not the right place to criticize, insult or transmit bad energy in any way.  This is a place for happiness, humor, intrigue and excitement - not a place to find fault.  

That said, the best medicine for people who bring their troubles here is found in Proverbs 25:22

"If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat, and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. 

For in so doing, you will heap burning coals on his head, and the LORD will reward you."

Or?  You can just use the "Report to Admin" function.   You can also delete any and all comments you find offensive.  And you can also block the member, but first delete comments, since blocking makes comments become invisible to you. 

But be careful with that block function, since it is a forever-block, and can't be undone, even by our page Admin. These controls are found in the Forum by clicking on the offender’s name.

These controls basically make all MaxModels become the moderator for their own forum, since you have all the same controls as Admin does, except for complete account deletion.

21I am an Advocate, and would like a refund. Are votes refundable?

Yes, of course.  We keep records of all our transactions and will happily refund unused votes.

Just email our Admins at and tell us what amount you would like refunded, and we will execute a refund for you.   The exception would be if you have already voted.  The amount eligible for a refund is what is shown in your own dashboard.

Help us out by providing your scan of a your credit or debit card transaction.  If you have lost your receipt, then a date and an amount would be appreciated.

22I don't have a clue about the Question I was given in the Forum. Can I have a different question?

Answer - Yes, you can.  Just find the 'Edit Challenge' or 'Edit Question' button in your settings menu, and you can delete it from there. Then go back and bring up the next question or challenge by selecting those buttons on your profile.

Please don't be dismayed.  We must continue to grow, in mind and body, if we are to succeed in life.  We should always ask questions and seek truth in the answers.  What questions you are asked are meant to engage your mind and encourage you to grow. 

As UB40 says:


Then of course...some questions are just for fun.  😃

23How do I add imagery in the journal?

That is an excellent question.  We will give you step-by-step instructions.

The Journal contains an advanced word processor and can use text in a variety of fonts, colors and sizes.  It can also display photos and Youtube videos with adjustable sizes.  It can be like a daily diary, where you can share your awesome life with all your followers, and can be as creative as you want it to be. 

This page automatically resizes large images for fast loading times, but it takes a long time to upload large files.  You might want to resize your own photos to avoid long wait times while uploading. 

Let's begin:

Want to upload your images directly to your Journal?  No problem:

  1. In your profile under "New Journal", leave your cursor where you want the image to appear.
  2. Select "Insert".
  3. Select "Image".
  4. Select "Upload".
  5. Adjust the width to 1050 or smaller.  A width of 1050 covers the frame from left to right.
  6. Press "Save".
  7. Press "Submit".

Follow these steps to share photographs from some other web page:

  1. Go to the web page that hosts the image you want to share.
  2. Right-click or two-finger click over the image to open a menu.
  3. Select "Copy Image Address".
  4. Open the New Journal in your own profile page.
  5. Leave your cursor at the location you want the new image to be placed.
  6. Select "Insert"
  7. Select "Image".
  8. In the General menu, paste the URL into "Source"
  9. Change only the width to 1050 maximum, or less.  A width of 1050 perfectly covers the frame from left to right.
  10. Press "Save".
  11. Press "Submit".

Want to share videos?  Good.  Content on YouTube can be shared easily.

    1. In YouTube, select "Share" under your desired video.
    2. Select "Copy".
    3. In your Profile under "New Journal", leave your cursor where you want the video thumbnail to appear.
    4. Select "Insert".
    5. Select "Media".
    6. Paste your URL into "Source".
    7. Adjust the video display dimensions as you like it, but with a width not larger than 1050.  A width of 1050 covers the frame from left to right.
    8. Press "Save".
    9. You can use the corner points to resize the video precisely.
    10. Press "Submit".

Beautiful imagery combined with engaging captions is the key to creating a Journal that keeps your followers coming back.   Every day is a new opportunity to create a Journal you will be proud to share.

24I am just over eighteen, but my photos are sometimes deleted because your page says they "don't meet our standards". Why?

These are two different issues.  We use an artificial intelligence imagery scanner that automatically detects both nudity or minor-age children.  It is possible you look younger than eighteen and the software flags your images as being minor-aged.  We know your age is 18 or above since you already passed our identity confirmation checks in order to become a MaxModel.

We are sorry, but sometimes our image scanner can get it wrong.  Our hard-working Admins are notified every time any image gets censored, so we will have a look soon and make our best decision.

Please email us at if you experience any problems.

25We want to use this page to chat among ourselves. Why isn't there a private email here?

We do have a chat  between the MaxModels.  See it in the Portals?  There is an entrance for that.  MaxModels, and influencer-level Advocates can talk among themselves in a public setting.  They can share videos and pictures and make friends with peers worldwide.

We do not include private email between members.  If we did, we might have guest members contacting our fans or models for strange reasons.

Models are verified through a facial recognition scan, so setting up a chat page for MaxModels to chat privately among themselves seems like a good and safe idea since everyone is equally verified.  Some select Influencers can also be admitted into the MaxModels Chat Club, after they have demonstrated their credibility through forum participation by the numbers of "likes' their comments gained and by the number of votes they have awarded in the past.   Admittance into the ModelMax Chat Club is an honor reserved for our best, most responsible Advocates and is not automatic.  Our panel of Admins makes that decision on an individual basis.

Also, some verified employers will be admitted so they may post employment advertisements.  Modeling agencies, photographers, branding offers, social media influencer campaigns, magazine editors etc etc.  

26I know I received votes, but that did not get deposited. Where is my money from my earnings?

This could be because the amount earned was less than $30.  Amounts less than $30 are not economical to send due to currency exchange fees, bank transfer fees and administrative costs.  Any amount above $30 will be sent on the next months pay cycle.

Also, check your bank account and ensure the details you provided were accurate.  Is the bank account active? Amounts not paid due to such errors are held securely until you have corrected any error.

If you find that any details were entered in error, go back to your profile menu under payment details and make corrections.  You will be asked to verify your email address for security sake before making that change.

If you are sill not paid, contact us at and we will be happy to assist.

27What percentage of votes do I receive in payment earnings? Money in US dollars.

Good question.

This page is also a competition for the top spot, or at least as high as one can manage.  So money earned increases the higher you go.

Those who have recently joined start off in last place in the bottom half of all MaxModels.  This is the "ELEGANT' level.

There are four rankings, depending on how many votes you have been given.   (One vote equals one USA dollar)

The ELEGANT level is the lower half of all models, and each model receives 50% of all her votes in cash.

The next level is EXQUISITE, and each model receives 75% of all her votes in cash.

The next higher level is DIVINE, and each model receives 90% of all her votes in cash.

Those who rank above the top 90% are ETHEREAL and they will receive 95% of all their votes in cash... So endeavor to stay up there if at all possible.

How much can you receive?  That depends on yourself.  It could be a lot.  Share your profile often across your other social media to attract followers.  Answer Questions and accept Challenges.  Be active in the Forum.  Use the Livestream to display your talents - Athletics - dancing - cooking - photography - scuba - bicycling - motorcycling - fashion - painting -

It is all up to you.

28What happens during my identification verification?

it is possible that this page could be a primary source of revenue, right?  So we must ensure that every single MaxModel is exactly who she says she is.  We will not approve any Applicant to become a MaxModel if there is any doubt about who she is.

We use an artificial intelligence scan to compare your face against your photo in your ID card.  You will be asked to take a photo ( a cell phone camera works fine ) of the front and back of your ID card.  Make sure the photo is taken with good light, and leave no reflections.  You will be asked to use your phone to take a selfie. The AI computer then researches through a vast database of government issued ID cards to determine if the card is authentic and if the card is current (not expired).

This identity verification is the final step.  Passing ID verification means your application has already been approved by our (human) page Admins, and you are now a verified MaxModel.  Once that happens, you will be sent an email congratulating you that contains a link to the sign-in page and can begin your amazing journey.

29What does the overall annual winner receive? Any money?

She wins more money than anyone else while on her way to the top with votes.   A professional photoshoot with a notable photographer will be organized to commemorate her success.  Her winning profile will be memorialized  for that year in the Hall of Fame and on the top cover of this page. 

Above all that, the overall annual winner lays claim to being chosen as the most beautiful woman alive today on the planet.   Our MAXIMUM MODEL.

The annual winner will be most fortunate indeed, to win that position at the end of the year.  

30How is the overall winner as Maximum Model chosen for each year?

In this modeling page, everyone wins, but there can only be one overall winner each year.  That means that while rising to the top, everyone receives votes that are converted into an income, but only one yearly winner can be awarded. 

She is the MaxModel that is at the top spot at exactly midnight on December 31st each year.  At precisely midnight on New Years Eve each year, a new Maximum Model is selected.  Her photo will then be displayed on the top page, and her certificate will appear in the Hall of Fame.  ModelMax will select a notable photographer to help memorialize her win.

31How do I accept the dollars earned from the votes I received as payment?

Look under "Settings" and find "Payment Details".  After passing a 2-factor authentication for your security, you will be asked to enter your personal payment information.

You should have your bank records handy before opening the payment details page.

Keyboard inactivity will cause an automatic log out after 5 minutes.  This is to cause an automatic log out in the event you walk away from your computer in a public setting.

Our payout system will deposit your earnings for you, assuming you have earned a minimum of $30 in that calendar month.  Amounts less than $30 will be paid in the next month when you have earned more than $30.  This is because amounts less than $30 are not economical to be sent, due to transfer fees, exchange rates and administrative costs.

32I registered, but my profile was not accepted. Why?

We apply to become a MaxModel; no-one registers.

Applicants must meet our standards to be approved.  There are several other reasons for a rejection. Did any photos include nudity?  Do you appear to be below the age of 18?  Do your social media pages match your identity?

We check an applicant’s photos and social media accounts against a scanned image of her photo identification to make sure she is the same person as shown in the photos. If there is a doubt, that could lead to a rejection.

Every applicant must be 18 years or older.

If an email is sent from us to you, but the email is undeliverable, that might also cause a rejection.

If all else fails, we might call or text to validate a model.

If we call as a last resort to verify identity, but the wrong person answers, that is also a clue tha he person applying may not be he person whose photos were submitted.  We can also use video calls when all else fails.

33I don’t like the Question I was given. I don’t want to answer that. What should I do?

All Questions and Challenges were chosen to be thought-provoking, or entertaining, or just fun.  The Challenges resemble the same phases of an actual pageant.  

But if you want to delete what you were given and start over, then look for the little red delete button on that Question or that Challenge, and delete the Question or Challenge entirely.  You can always ask for a new one later.  After all, this page was intended to be fun and entertaining, not work.

34I answered a question, and an Advocate disagreed with my answer. How do I handle this?

Do nothing!  Your answer is your answer.  No one has to agree with your answer, and you don’t have to agree with their comments.  If someone disagrees and is in any way insulting or objectionable, just block them.  Otherwise, thank the Advocate for his comment and carry on.  This is not a page used to persuade others to a point of view.  There are other pages for that.  This page is designed to be both entertaining and inspiring.  Have fun with it.  

35I am on some other sites that may allow nudity. Does nudity disqualify me from being approved to join?

We do not perform a background check for past nudity,  We are only interested in what you can accomplish now, as your true self.  If you think you can stay within our standards, then by all means, give it a try. 

Nudity is not allowed and we employ an artificial intelligence software that constantly scans images to determine if they display nudity.  We also monitor livestreams for the same reason.  Nudity from any model would destroy our image as a family-friendly venue.  

Bikini photos are always allowed and welcomed.  So are evening gown photos.  In fact, about any outfit you choose is acceptable to us, so long as it does not look like nudity to us.  Partial nudity or implied nudity is ok, usually - but there is an artificial intelligence program used that detects full nudity.  Those will be deleted before they are even visible to the audience.  If the censorship service falsely detects nudity and you think it made a mistake, let us know and we will probably allow it.

Same for the Livestreams.  An artificial intellignece software scans all livestreams for the same reason.

36What are the benefits of winning the top spot as Maximum Model?

Winning the top spot is an extraordinary achievement.  It means that out of all other women on our Planet Earth who competed here, you were chosen to represent all that is beautiful and fine and good among us.  The top spot should be held for as long as possible in order to maximize your earnings, and being the holder of the top spot at precisely midnight on New Years Eve means being named that year's overall winner.
It means that you can verify your achievement to employers, to modelling and fashion studios, to photographers and to print and electronic media organizations.  A record of your achievement is saved in our “Hall of Fame” page to memorialize your achievement.  In the past, such employers had to depend on attending “Look See” type of auditions, or depend on referrals, direct applicants or on blind chance to find the next big talent.  Not anymore.  This pageant can become one of their tools in recruiting the world’s best. 

The overall winner for that year receives $5000 wired to her bank.   After, she is given a professional photoshoot to memorialize her achievement.   Her certificate has her unique precedence number so it can never be forged, and she will be memorialized for all time as the most beautiful woman on the planet for that year.

37As an Advocate, can I vote more than once?

Yes, you can.  One vote equals one USA dollar.  You can add as many votes as you like, as often as you want.  Minumum of $100 each purchase.

38How much payment in cash can I earn on this site?

You can earn a lot !  Or you can earn a little.  It all depends on you.

If you do nothing but post images and share videos, not a lot.  If you participate in the Questions and Challenges and do well there, then you stand a good chance of earning.  

If you share your profile content across your other social media, that would help a great deal.  Working with a talented photographer and videographer to create engaging imagery is a very smart decision.  And don’t neglect sound quality either, especially if your talent is singing.  Learn about photo composition, create a brand identity, engage your audience.  It all depends on how popular you become.  

We can’t predict an amount – it all depends on how much time and effort you invest.  Some will apply, be accepted, then not compete.  They won't earn.  Some will participate every day and will buy a new car, send themselves to college, and be happy.  It's all just up to YOU.

So share, share, share and invite your followers here.

But truly, you don't need to actually WIN the title of Maximum Model to earn money.  If you begin receiving votes, and keep at it, you will earn. These are two true statements:  Those who does not compete will not earn much money.  Those who compete will earn based on their efforts.

So let's get started!

39What are our standards on images that contain nudity?

We are a family-friendly page, and conforms to the same standards as most other social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Our gold standard is the Facebook Community Standards shown here:

We allow bikini, evening gown, skimpy attire - basically any outfit you want to wear.  But full nudity is detected by an artificial intelligence program that scans all photos, videos and livestreams for nudity and for any imagery that contains minor-age children.  Those get deleted before they are even visible to the audience.

Partial nudity or implied nudity is usually ok, if tastefully done.  No one can be more nude than nude, right?  So why do that?  It's all been done before, and this pageant is not the right page for that.

If you uploaded a photo and it was flagged as "not meeting our standards" and you think iwe were in error, just email us at and we will have a look.

We are sorry, but no one has ever asked that question. Please use the Contact Us page and we will gladly assist.